Sunday, 7 April 2013

Testing for our menu

The testing for our cupcake menu began today and it's no exaggeration to say that we baked all day. However after carrying out the rather laborious processes of creating enough batter for about what felt like 100 cupcakes, we discovered we had created four fantastic tasting cupcake flavors to put on our menu, so the amount of time was well spent!

We decided to opt for a white cake sponge, which involved whisking enough eggs to feed the whole of America, but nonetheless produced the most gorgeously, light, moist and fluffy cupcakes.  To this batter (which was tripled, and practically overflowing out of the bowl) we added flavorings  to create our four different batters used to create our four different cupcakes.

Icing the cupcakes was a highly anticipated moment, as we had recently ordered nozzles from 'The Sugar Shack' and were eager to try them out. We ended up using the Wilton 2A to produce the classic rounded swirl, and the Wilton 2D to produce a gorgeous rose swirl effect. Both nozzles produced a topping which was contemporary, pretty, and overall a great success! Needless to say, these cupcakes will, without a doubt, be a feature on our menu!

From the left, custard cream cupcake (2A), millionaires shortbread cupcake (2D)

Oreo marble cupcake (2D)

Apple crumble cupcakes (2D)

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