Monday, 3 June 2013

summer in a cupcake...Daisy cakes

Shock horror...summer is upon us.

Long days, summer sunshine and those elusive strolls through daisy filled gardens have finally arrived.

And to celebrate such a drastic climate change here in England, what better way than to bake a batch of summer themed cupcakes?

This didn't take a lot of thought on my part...all my answers were with this angel sent from heaven:


How anyone can live without a nozzle with the capability to pipe out grassy fields is beyond me, and i am thoroughly OVERJOYED with the fact i impulsively bought such a baking gem.

But anyway more on the cupcakes...

The house was barren when it came to ingredients with only a slightly disheveled bag of dark brown sugar in the cupboard...

And, as I always say, If in doubt...add ginger...                 

And it was with this in mind that I decided to make a CLASSIC ginger cupcake (rest assured not without an equally fitting buttercream).

My frosting of choice to ice these fiery sponges, was a toffee buttercream, which was a great pairing that complemented the sharp note of the ginger.

AND NOW FOR THE PIPING. After a sufficient amount of green dye, a few burst sandwich bags (and a large quantity of mess) my cupcakes were transformed into patches of grass!

The addition of daisies, and voila, summer in a cupcake.

May your days be filled with summer & cupcakes...

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